Amber Portwood: Back in Action!

24 Feb

Just when we all thought we wouldn’t get our Amber fix on Teen Mom, she’s ba-aaack! Reports last week stated that Amber would not be able to shoot Teen Mom and was sentenced to live in a halfway house. However, today we have learned that so long as she passes a drug screening, Amber will be able to live full-time with her grandparents. And– good news to all you Amber fans out there, she will still be able to film Teen Mom while living with her grandparents! Amber’s mother, Tonya Portwood told E! News, “Amber is so happy and relieved that she won’t have to live at the halfway house.” This is good news for Amber and her daughter, Leah. The question is, do you think Amber will be able to stay out of trouble or will the drama continue in her grandparent’s house?


Maci Confirms: Relationship with Kyle King is OVER!

24 Feb

For those hoping it was just a vicious rumor, I have bad news. Yesterday during her appearance at Slippery Rock University, Maci confirmed that she and her boyfriend Kyle King had called it quits. However, Maci did let the audience know that her and Kyle are still good friends and even tweeted about their business dinner a few nights ago.

Don’t get your hopes up for a Maci and Ryan reunion any time soon though– Ryan is happily dating Dalis Connell, and the two have no intentions of getting back together

Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special: Part One

22 Feb

Last night was the night everyone was waiting for! Or at least, what all of you Teen Mom 2 fanatics were waiting for, right? In case you missed it (shame on you), here’s quick recap on what went down last night on the Teen Mom 2 Finale Reunion! Keep in mind that the reunion was filmed in July of 2011– so much of what you are seeing is already out of date.

Jenelle: Jenelle looked noticeably healthier and happier on the reunion. It was refreshing to see her smile and be light-hearted with both Dr. Drew and her mother Barbara. Jenelle revealed that since her stint in rehab she had relapsed and tested positive for Marijuana– she is facing 2 weeks of jail time for this. Jenelle also let us know that she is about half-way done with completing her Associates degree and plans to transfer to a University once that has been completed. As far as Kieffer is concerned, she said that it was hard to let go of your “best friend” and that her and Kieffer are still on & off. Jenelle’s mother Barbara joined her on stage and the two seemed remarkably better. Barbara told Dr. Drew that Jenelle’s Step Father is no longer living with them (he apparently ran off with a Hooter’s waitress) and that she feels “free” now that he has been out of the house. There was a noticeable lack of yelling and arguing between the mother and daughter and the two even shared a hug at the end of the segment. All in all it looks like Jenelle is heading down the right path for her and Jace!

**UPDATE** Since the taping, Jenelle has moved into her own apartment and is working on her Medical Assisting degree. She still plans to pursue a Film Editing degree after she is finished with her Medical Assisting program so that she has a back-up. Kieffer is now out of the picture and Jenelle is happily dating a Marine named Gary.

Kailyn: Kailyn’s portion of the reunion focused mainly on her relationship with her baby’s father Jo and then-current boyfriend Jordan. Kailyn seemed to be having mixed feelings during the taping– she went from wanting to be single, wanting to be with Jo, wanting to be with Jordan, and then wanting to be single again all in her 20-minute segment. Clearly Kailyn was having mixed emotions and was confused as to who she should ultimately be with. That’s actually about all that happened on Kailyn’s portion of the reunion last night but she looked gorgeous!

**UPDATE** Since the taping, Kailyn has found herself a stable and loving boyfriend, Javi. She is no longer pursuing Jo or Jordan at this time. Jo is currently dating a woman named Vee who can be found on Twitter. Kailyn has also become an Independent Scentsy consultant and is doing incredibly well with that.**

Farrah’s New Book: My Teenage Dream Ended

21 Feb

At sixteen, she had everything a young girl could want: popularity, beauty, a spot on the cheerleading squad, and her first true love. Then, cruelly, without warning, everything changed.

Farrah Abraham, from the original Teen Mom, has an autobiographical book coming outentitled, “My Teenage Dream Ended”. The book, which is now available for pre-sale on chronicles Farrah’s seemingly charmed high school life, her relationship with her boyfriend, and ultimately her pregnancy with daughter Sophia, and the passing of Sophia’s father. According to, “Fans of MTV’s critically acclaimed hit documentary series Teen Mom have followed Farrah Abraham’s tumultuous life as a single teen mother. Her fiery, relentless spirit, and her unwavering commitment to getting the best out of life for herself and her daughter Sophia in spite of all the drama constantly surrounding her have made her a beloved star and media sensation. Now, in this remarkably candid, at times heartbreaking, utterly unflinching memoir, Farrah takes readers into the life that hasn’t been seen on television”.

Farrah’s book hits the shelves on April 3rd, 2012. Will you be picking up a copy?

16 and Pregnant: Season Four

21 Feb


Everyone’s favorite show is coming back for a fourth season! The fourth season of 16 and Pregnant will follow 12 new girls as they battle the hardships that come along with becoming a teen mom. 16 and Pregnant Season Four will premiere on Tuesday, March 27th at 10PM on MTV.

View the trailor here!

Farrah’s on Pinterest

21 Feb

Farrah Abraham from the original Teen Mom tweeted today, “I’m so addicted to Pinterest right now, come pin with me!“.

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21 Feb

Welcome to the very first post on Teen Mom Gossip!

I’m a huge fan of Teen Mom & Teen Mom 2 and my goal is to provide a place for up to date information on your favorite Teen Mom cast members. After searching the web for a website dedicated to the girls that wasn’t full of false stories and bad-mouthing I came to the conclusion that I should just create one myself.

Check back frequently as the website will be updated several times a day.